Please download our case studies to learn more about The Sharpwings’ specialist approach to
sales, repossessions and appraisals.


AW139 Redelivery Preparation
Case study: AW139 Redelivery Preparation
Appointed in Q2 2018 by a European bank to prepare the forthcoming redelivery of an offshore configured AW139 leased to a major helicopter operator



Remote & On-Site Appraisals
Case study: Remote & On-Site Appraisals
Leading the way and setting new standards with 110+ remote and on-site appraisals since Q1 2020



King Air 350i Annual Appraisal
Case study: King Air 350i Annual Appraisal
Since Q3 2015 onwards, TheSharpwings has been advising a European bank in financing a pre-owned King Air 350i through an operating lease and then managing the lease



Gulfstream G280 Appraisal
Case study: Gulfstream G280 Appraisal
Aircraft sold in Q3 2021 for the value appraised by The Sharpwings four months earlier



Falcon 900C Repossession & Sale
Case study: Falcon 900C Repossession & Sale
Sold in under six months in a buyers’ market, reaching the seller’s expectations and achieving the buyer’s complete satisfaction